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Python is an easy-to-learn object oriented language
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Python is a programming language developed in the early 1980's by Guido van Rossum. Today Python is maintained by the Python Software Foundation, with Van Rossum still guiding the way the language takes. Python is a multi-paradigm, object oriented language. It is used as a scripting language due to its dynamic capabilities, such as a tractable syntactic framework and automatic memory management. Syntax is one of the really big advantages of Python. Unlike other languages, like Java and C++, punctuation commands are normally handled with the use of English words in Python. This means that the language is highly readable, even for beginners in programming.

Quite recently Python has had a resurgence after appearing in several types of web-based applications and services. It is a great language for testing automation, again due to its scripting capabilities. Although it is not as mainstream as Java and C++, Python is starting to be a very used language with thousand of resources on the web. It is also great to learn the basics of object oriented language programming.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Clear Syntax.
  • Object Oriented.
  • Multi paradigm


  • Some operations are slower than in compiled languages
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